Scott Wiener Helps House Arson Victims

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Putting out fires
This past weekend, Supervisor Scott Wiener toured the aftermath of last week's fires that devastated pockets of his district and displaced a handful of residents in what investigators believe to be the work of a serial arsonist.

Standing amid the ashes, Wiener realized the city needs to be better prepared to help victims who find themselves homeless for many months -- or longer --  after a disaster like this strikes.

The District 8 supervisor is crafting new legislation that would help victims find housing immediately after a fire or earthquake boots them from their homes.

Right now, the displaced Castro residents are being housed through Red Cross -- but only until Thursday. After that, Wiener has vowed to help find them another place to live while their homes are being rebuilt.

The timing for such legislation couldn't be better. Another blaze on Monday, just two blocks from the Castro District, displaced six more people. Investigators determined the fire was accidental.

And don't forget, the entire region is bracing itself for the next "big one" to shake San Francisco to its core.

Wiener proposes to set aside alternative housing for victims, but making this happen is easier said than done. He will either have to somehow force landlords to do this or give them a really good reason to do it.

"This certainly is a major reminder that we need landlords to rent to tenants," Wiener said.

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