Jerry Brown Abandons Schwarzenegger Plan to Sell State Buildings

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Gov. Jerry Brown today announced he is scrapping former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's plan to sell a dozen state buildings, including San Francisco's PUC Building and Supreme Court Building.

Schwarzenegger attempted to bulldoze the plan through last year before leaving office -- which raised questions in the media about his intentions. SF Weekly first broke the story about how the former governor hoped to sell iconic state-owned buildings with the rationale of closing the state's budget deficit. The deal would have landed the state $2.3 billion upfront -- but leasing the structures back from a shadowy group of investors would have cost California billions in the long run. . 

The new owners were slated to take over the buildings on Dec. 15, 2010. However, the Court of Appeals issued an emergency stay three former state building officials filed a lawsuit, saying the sale was "unconstitutional and a waste of taxpayer funds."

While the lawsuit lingered, Brown was sworn in as governor. Though he expressed misgivings about the building sales, he did not make a committal statement until this morning.

"We are thrilled with the governor's decision this morning; it is obviously the right thing to do," said Joseph Cotchett, an attorney representing the plaintiffs. "We are pleased our lawsuit gave him the opportunity to make that decision."

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Jerry gets 3-Stars

h. brown
h. brown

Cotchett's good, huh?

This guy's in the Guardian's lead piece today ('Dirty Business') as the firm hired by Dennis Herrera (cause Dennis is conflicted - relax, I won't expand) ... so, Cotchett represents both sides of the aisle ... I'd predict great wealth and influence for him, but he's old and already has both. As I recall his last big personal victory was having the entire State legislature (both houses) pass an emergency bill that kept the details of his last divorce settlement out of the press (write about Joe and your ass is grass).

Daly's Dive tonite for the Martin Lyon Clinic party?

Go Giants!



w00t! Good to know someone with an ounce of sanity is back in charge.

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