Ross Mirkarimi Says Talk of Mayoral Run is 'a Leap'

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Running for mayor?
After reading Willie Brown's column on Sunday, reporters started peppering Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi with calls about whether he plans to run for mayor.

Why? In his column, Brown leaves readers to believe that the District 5 supervisor is planning not only a run for sheriff but a mayoral bid as well.

In addition to that, there is a Facebook page dedicated to drafting Mirkarimi, the progressive with Green Party roots, for mayor.

Mirkarimi tells SF Weekly that Brown's conclusions were "a bit of a leap."

"I think he was gleaning from the conversation a little bit," Mirkarimi said. "But yes, I am seriously looking at the mayor's race and also sheriff's race, but that's only predicated if Sheriff Hennessey is not running and we really don't know that now."

"That's how I left the conversation with Mayor Brown as well," Mirkarimi added.

So it's a leap, maybe, but a serious one.

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I wouldn't vote for him for dog catcher. And he's not a Green, he's now a Demmie, now that the party is back in fashion.

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