Pelosi Edits Her Own Honorary Resolution, Says It Didn't Honor Her Enough

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Here's some fodder for Republicans who believe Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi's arrogance knows no bounds.

The Democratic National Committee kindly wanted to honor Nancy Pelosi for all of her hard work as the former Speaker of the House. But apparently, their praise didn't go far enough for the powerful Pelosi.

At the last minute, Pelosi's daughter, Christine Pelosi, a democratic political strategist, asked her fellow committee members to alter the resolution, at the behest of her mother, who felt the committee had overlooked some of her key accomplishments.

"You think I'm kidding," the younger Pelosi said to the committee, which met on Thursday.

Indeed she wasn't. After much discussion with her mother, Christine Pelosi asked the committee for the following "friendly amendments:"

First, Pelosi wanted some mention of her fight against HIV and AIDS, because it was "why she went to Congress." She also wanted a new paragraph inserted about her "accomplishments for equality," mentioning the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009 and the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell" in December.

"Finally, since, as she said, 'I'm not going anywhere,' she wanted to add, in the final 'whereas' clause, '...and will continue the fight for America's working families,'" Christine Pelosi reportedly said.

To that, she received heavy applause.

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Both of these women have egos that far exceed their abilities or accomplishments.


Seems just when you think one is old stupid and near gone, another pops up


This woman is nearly as unhinged as Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi.


What an IDIOT. I still can't figure out why she's even still there when she was very plainly voted OUT. How can you continue to work somewhere after you're fired? I can't wait until 2012 Pelosi. Let's see just how far your socialist agenda goes then.

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