Richmond Safeway Remodel: Take Your Virtual Tour Today

Generally speaking, residents of the Outer Richmond, which includes your author, have it pretty good. We're close to great parks and beaches, exceptional Chinese food is never more than a few blocks away, and we harbor a dirty little secret: The fog isn't nearly as bad as we like to tell you.

Unfortunately, the Safeway at Fulton and La Playa cannot be counted among our gems. A flat, unlovely building surrounded by sprawling parking lots, this place is a throwback to the unattractive supermarkets of the 1970s. It's like a wart on our silky skin.

This could change -- and it won't just take wishful thinking. Safeway is planning to remodel the store, and the grocery chain is holding a public meeting from 7p.m. to 9 p.m. next Thursday at the San Francisco Zoo so neighbors can give their thoughts on the current designs, as reports.

Here is a nifty virtual tour of the store remodel online. You can't taste the produce, but it looks like the proposal could be a marked improvement over what's on the property now.

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It'll be nice to get rid of that parking lot. But it looks like the building will have a lot of blank walls facing the street, which is pretty unappealing.

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