Obama to Come to Bay Area This Week to Talk Jobs

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Yes, we still can
The day after Speaker of the House John Boehner called President Barack Obama's budget plan a job killer, the White House announced the president will be making a West Coast swing through the San Francisco Bay Area to address the one thing we really, really need: jobs.

The White House told reporters today that the president will be in the Bay Area on Thursday, although they wouldn't specify where and what time.

But he will be here to meet with high-tech industry leaders and talk about green-tech innovation and investment.

San Francisco's unemployment rate has hovered at nearly 10 percent for the last year. So Obama's trip to the west is timely. As the Chronicle reports, he will meet with the business community to discuss new ways to strengthen the local economy and get people back to work.

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Because Obama really needs to head out West to California and shore up democrat losses here....err wait, no. Why is he really here again? CA has its own problems, none of which can be solved by the federal government. Obama should stick to the areas that really need help.

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