Obama, Brown Receive Death Threats on President's Day

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Photo by Christopher Victorio/OC Weekly
This will go down in history
An unknown tagger decided to use the President's Day holiday as a time to threaten elected leaders.

Southern California authorities are investigating more death threats that were found scrawled on a wall in Santa Ana early Monday morning. The graffiti messages targeted Gov. Jerry Brown and President Barack Obama, saying both men "must die."

Obama was identified with a racist slur, and swastikas, anti-Semitic and anti-Mexican slogans were spray-painted nearby.

Secret Service officials have been notified of the threats.

The graffiti was located within a mile of the wall where death threats against Brown were scribbled last month. That message claimed that Brown was going to die on Valentine's Day.

"We gonna kill Gov Brown 02/14/2011," was spray-painted on a wall along Greenville Street on Jan. 20 The city's public works department removed the graffiti, but a few hours later another mesage appeared on the same wall reading: "26 more days 4 Brown."

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