Naked Man Runs Through Mount Sutro

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We've already determined that in San Francisco, you won't get arrested for walking through city streets with your genitals flapping in the air.  But what happens when you cross onto private property sans pants?

At about dinnertime, an unexpected guest arrived at a home on the 700 block of Panorama Drive near Mount Sutro. A unknown man was ringing the doorbell, and when the resident looked out, he saw that the man at his door was nude.
The resident -- probably not amused --  called the cops to report the exhibitionist. Police patrolling the area went to investigate and found a 17-year-old Richmond resident, naked and roaming the streets.

The teen admitted that he had been smoking pot and running around Mount Sutro without his clothes on.

Police took him to UCSF, where his father came to bring him a shirt and pants.

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Oh, yes, sure, pot. Not some other drug.

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