Muni Passenger Robbed While Sending Text Message

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OMG, watch your back!
So it's dangerous to drive and text, but apparently, it's no safer to tap away at the keys on your iPhone while riding public transit.

Police have already warned of a new crop of easy targets for robbery: People walking, standing, or doing whatever while sending and receiving messages on their phones. The most recent case happened on Friday at about 3:15 p.m. when a man on Muni was sending a quick text message on his iPhone.

The bus stopped at the corner of Mission Street and Richland Avenue near Glen Park when an unknown man walked up to the victim, grabbed his iPhone, and ran off the bus.

"More and more people are getting robbed at the bus stop and it's always that they are most likely engaged in an electronic item at the time of the robbery," said Officer Albie Esparza.
And there is a clear explanation as to why: Criminals are opportunist.

"If you are glued to your phone they will take the opportunity to steal your electronics," Esparza said.  "I ride BART every morning and I never take out my phone or my iPod -- I don't want to be a statistic."

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