Muni Delays Again, Fourth Street Bridge Not Working

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Crappy bridge
For the second time in a week, the Fourth Street bridge malfunctioned, causing Muni delays Monday afternoon.

Fortunately, for passengers (and Muni operators who were the target of angry riders last week), the bridge failure occurred during nonpeak commute hours, minimizing the number of riders affected by the slow-moving system.

Just before 2 p.m., the bridge opened to allow boats to pass through, yet it wouldn't close all the way. All traffic was stopped, which caused 15 minute-delays along the T line, said Paul Rose, spokesman for Muni. The bridge is an extension from Folsom Street to Mission Rock Muni station.

After another try, transportation officials were able to close the bridge, Rose said. Muni officials said that the Port of San Francisco controls the bridge, yet port authorities claim it's not their jurisdiction, and pointed to the Department of Public Works as its keepers.

Hm. Perhaps this is the root of the ongoing bridge failures.

Last week, Muni was forced to established a bus brigade after the same bridge wouldn't close all the way. Muni drivers had no choice but to drop stranded passengers off at the Mission Rock station, leaving them waiting for more than an hour for a ride home.

It was peak commute hour and enraged passengers staged a mini revolt outside the station. They threw gravel and dirt at Muni operators as they pulled up to the station with another busload of passengers.

But today, passengers were a little more forgiving. When asked whether riders hurled rocks or curses at Muni operators, Rose responded: "No, not today."

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As usual, blame everything on the Muni driver, who in this case obviously has no control over the cause of the problem.

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