Get Drunk at the Library -- Legally. For a Good Cause.

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Frans Hals
Drinking in the library? Huzzah!
At last. At last. Lord God, I knew this day would come -- you will finally be able to rest the alcoholic beverage of your choice on the delightfully archaic mantelpiece of the ever so "mid-century modern" Harvey Milk library. And not only will you not get thrown out -- you'll be encouraged.

The Friends of the San Francisco Library has fulfilled the wishes of anyone who ever hoped to get tanked up in a branch library and didn't want to do it clandestinely. The initial "IMBIBE" party series will next month kick off at the Eureka Valley/Harvey Milk Branch -- which requires only shag carpeting to complete the besotted suburban 1950s housewife's drinking refuge motif. 

Actually, you'd need some late '50s-early '60s jazz music and some Valium. Well, they'll have the music.

Friends of the Library's Katie Ambellan confirmed that those with a yen to booze it up in the library will finally have their behavior sanctified (How do you people see into my dreams?).

Milk Library fireplace.JPG
Michael Kromat, courtesy S.F. Public Library
What's this photo missing? That's right -- booze!
A $35 Friends membership gets you access to an open bar -- beer, wine, liquor -- and will do so again at boozy soirees within the Marina and Richmond branch libraries in the near future.

Guests, however, are warned to not overindulge and make a scene. This is a literary crowd -- and they can come up with a multitude of ways to ask you to get the hell out.


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