Jack Davis Birthday Bash: Sodomized With a Whiskey Bottle, Who Could Forget

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When vodka doesn't do it for you...
It's hard to believe that the Examiner today reports on the "repercussions" of the 1997 Jack Davis birthday bash without mentioning the most damning of all the party antics: A man being sodomized with a Jack Daniel's bottle.

Or is it hard to believe? After all, we're talking about a newspaper that endorsed both Sarah Palin and Meg Whitman.

Still, we know that Republicans like sex and whiskey, too. Needless to say, we were a little deflated when today's paper toned down one of the most famous political birthday bashes in San Francisco history.   

Ah yes, the notorious 50th for Davis used blood, bondage, and booze to entertain more than 300 attendees, including Sheriff Michael Hennessey, State Sen. Leland Yee, former Mayor Willie Brown and 49ers President Carmen Policy.

It was this raunchy birthday bash -- which Davis called performance art -- that made national headlines and riled the community. But in the Ex today, the festivities from almost 15 years ago had been toned down, making it sound more like a bachelor party than what it really was -- an S&M playground.

The paper calls it a "debauchery with a number of sexual acts" that are talked about to this day.

Talked about everywhere, except in the Ex.

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ace stonerman
ace stonerman

"debauchery with a number of sexual acts"  does not conjure up what actually happened.  it's poor journalism to cover up the details of a story.  if you're going to write a news story - then report the facts not some white washed version that you think is politically correct.  


Sounds like safe responsible sex to me…..


If it was voluntary who the eff cares? :)

ace stonerman
ace stonerman

it's the audience that matters - a veritable whos who of sf political elite.

h. brown
h. brown

Please, get laid now!

Really, your repression is running down my monitor. Love Parade driven out of town this year. Exotic Erotic Ball last year. Now, you're going after the archives?

What part of Kansas are you from, Erin?

And, the Chron didn't write about it cause it's not in their files. Back then the people now working (those left) on the Chron now were working on the old Hearst Examiner and they weren't invited to the party.

Really though, Erin. What's your idea of acceptable fun and how long ago was it that you accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal saviour?

Really, what's you idea of legal fun?

Go Giants!


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