Apple Sued for Privacy Invasion -- Again

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What does he know about you?
The number of iPad and iPhone users that claim Apple has passed around their private information is growing by the day.

In December, two separate groups of iPad and iPhone users sued Apple, Inc., claiming the company had created apps that distributed personal information without consent.

Another class action lawsuit was filed yesterday in San Francisco court, where 24 iPad and iPhone users say Apple knowingly took their personal information and sent it to third parties, including advertisers with Groupon, National Public Radio, and The New York Times.

The lawsuit claims that Apple "in concert with application developers and application developer's affiliates," arranged for these third parties to easily access customers' browsing histories along with other information derived from the mobile devices.

The plaintiffs claim that the apps go as far as to let advertising networks learn the age, gender, sexual orientation, income, and political views of users.

Hat Tip: Courthouse News

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