Google Art Project Snubs Hometown SF Museums

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Google Art Project, the company's new technology feature that allows you to see street views of museums, is offering 3D tours of galleries in Amsterdam, New York, and 15 other sites -- but not in San Francisco.

That's right, Google is snubbing museums in its own backyard, including the de Young, The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and the Asian Art Museum.

We asked a Google flack why the company is neglecting to feature museums that its own employees could use and here is what he said:

"This is the first incarnation of this project, and we've partnered with a selection of museums from around the world. We hope to add more museums in time."

The takeaway message? Although San Francisco is a Mecca for world-class cultural attractions, you should travel to St. Petersburg, Venice, or Prague to see truly great art collections.

Regardless, Google's anti-California art project is pretty damn cool.

Google used a camera-carrying trolley to create 360-degree pictures of 17 galleries. The Art Project also allows viewers to focus on certain works. Each featured museum chose a marquee image, which would be captured in high-resolution photography. This way, viewers can get close enough to see individual brushstrokes. Art Project also allows viewers to create their own galleries, saving views of pieces from different museums.

This, for example, is the eyeball of Vittore Carpaccio's Young Knight in a Landscape at the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza in Madrid.

Google allows internet users to look closely at great art -- as long as it's not in California.

And here's what it's like to stand in Prague's Museum Kampa. Waayy better, Google would seemingly have us suppose, than trekking through the art museums of San Francisco.

Sure beats schlepping around SF MOMA, right?

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We'll get our due in due time. Let's not make the world think we are big cry babies when we don't get things we want.


The museums that Google has started with contain much larger collections than the SF museums and are ones that we Bay Area people might not be lucky enough to go see. If Google is planning to extend their project, as they said they are, then I'm sure we'll see some SF museums represented soon enough.


Let's face it--the collections here are still a little bit short of world-class.


The folks who ought to be whining are the ones who *don't* live here; if you want to see the de Young, you're in far better shape than some St. Petersburger or Venetian, who's got an 8,000 trip for the same pleasure.


It's true. The art in SF Museums are not nearly as good as the Met, St. Petersburg, The Louvre etc.. More interesting stuff is at the community arts level. I did this 3D immersive video of a local art gallery 3 years ago.

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