Glen Park Mother Duped, Wires $2,800 to Spain to Help 'Son'

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So much love under one roof
A woman's motherhood was truly tested this week when she was duped into sending cash across the globe, thinking her son was in trouble. 

A San Francisco woman living in Glen Park received a call from a man who said he was in Spain. The man told the woman that authorities has her son in custody and that she needed to bail him out. The cost: $2,800.

Without hesitation, the woman ran out and wired $2,800 to Spain via Western Union.

It was when she came home that she thought to contact her daughter-in-law, who told her that her son was safe and sound in the Bay Area.

The woman called police on Wednesday to report the scam, and because the caller had taken too long to pick up her money, the woman was able to get it back.

The things we do for our children.

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