Gay Couples to Stage City Hall Sit-In to Celebrate Valentine's Day

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Love hurts
For many San Francisco gay couples, Valentine's Day is just a bitter reminder of what they don't have -- marriage certificates.

So expect a huge turnout at San Francisco City Hall for the hallmark holiday today; gay couples across the nation will celebrate their love with a little civil disobedience.

Same-sex couples will line up at the county clerk's office and go through some of the same motions they endured last year, which is to apply for their marriage licenses, and get rejected.

It's much easier to take rejection when you already know it's coming. It's also a lot easier to organize a protest.

After gay couples are sadly turned away, they will plop right in front of the county clerk's office and sit there for a spell to support every other same-sex couple denied the right to marry.

The sit-in serves as a metaphor to show proponents of Proposition 8, the state's ban on gay marriage, that the law has no standing.

"As we cheer on our heterosexual fellow citizens who are able to marry on this wonderful day of love, we will remind the world that falling in love and the desire to marry the person you love is a universal sentiment," said Molly McKay, spokeswoman with Marriage Equality USA. "Proposition 8 shattered that dream for lesbian and gay Californians, and every day it remains in effect, real people are being hurt."

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