Gavin Newsom -- You Can Still Watch Him on Demand

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Technologically active again
When former Mayor Gavin Newsom left City Hall, his staid YouTube addresses that people had grown accustomed to went right with him. But Newsom's hiatus from YouTube was short-lived. Just barely a month as the state Lieutenant Governor, Newsom sent out his first video address this week.

In the roughly 1-minute video, Newsom pontificates about the staggering $25 billion state budget crisis, asking voters to sign a petition in support of Gov. Jerry Brown's budget plan. The video was part of the California Democratic Party's demand for an "honest budget."

The video was released just a few days after Brown gave his state-of-the-state speech, emphasizing his budget plan, which includes $12 billion in cuts, eliminating redevelopment agencies across the state, and extending taxes. Republicans have been criticized for stonewalling Brown's proposal.

The Dems selected Newsom to do the video, because he is a popular, well-known figure in the state, said Tenoch Flores, spokesman with the California Democratic Party.

"He was happy to do it," Flores said.

No doubt, Newsom jumped on the opportunity to address his constituents via video -- and it won't be the last time you see Newsom on YouTube in his new position. In effort to continue making the office of lieutenant governor more relevant, Newsom plans to restart the tradition of his weekly YouTube addresses from his lite gov office.

"He is interested in finding any way to reach out to Californian's via social media," said Francisco Castillo, Newsom's spokesman. "Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, he feels, are the outlets that allow him to keep Californians up to date."

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