Mayor Ed Lee Is on Twitter Now; Six Followers -- and Counting

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Mayor since Jan. 5?
Our not-so-tech-savvy Mayor Ed Lee gave in and created a Twitter account, sending out his first tweet this morning. "Good Morning, San Francisco. Short and to the Point. I love Twitter! Follow me to get real time info on sf city govt."

But the account was curiously created on Jan 5. -- six days before Lee was even appointed as interim mayor.

Until now, Lee had insisted he was no Facebook, Twitter, MySpace kind of guy, unlike former Mayor Gavin Newsom, who has more than a million followers. Lee remained inactive on the account until this morning.

Lee was even quoted in the Chronicle in mid-January, saying, "I'm not a Twitter guy. I'm not even a Facebook guy. There was one old high school friend who wanted me to be the first Facebook friend, and I started it and I realized, 'I haven't got time to do this.' So I have none of those accounts. Never have." So far, he has six followers, including SF Weekly.

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That Twitter is not operational right now, Erin, at least when I checked....


Didn't work for me either, but remove the exclamation point (which is encoded rather than explicit in the link in the blog) from the middle of the URL and it will work.

Or, perhaps more helpfully, go here:

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