David Chiu: Twitter Fiend

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Turning us off with his tweets
After announcing his bid for San Francisco mayor, Supervisor David Chiu pulled a Mayor Jean Quan on us and started engaging in the obnoxious social networking antics of oversharing with his users.

After winning election in November, Oakland Mayor Quan inundated her Twitter followers with 544 tweets in a matter of 15 days. Needless to say, her fans grew tired of the nonstop updates-- so much so that she ended up having to tweet out an apology.

Could the same fate await Chiu, whose Twitter activity picked up noticeably today after he declared his intention to run for San Francisco mayor?

Chiu fired off nine tweets in the last 24 hours, most of which arrived after he declared his intention to run for San Francisco mayor earlier today. The last time he tweeted was on Feb. 18 and before that tweets were sporadic on his account, with only a few a week.

More than eight hours ago, Chiu began his blow-by-blow of his announcement. He fired off the the followig tweet early this morning: "Beautiful morning in ! Can't wait for my announcement. Join me in less than 2 hours at 11am, City Hall Steps."

Two hours later he sent out another tweet: "About to step out onto the steps of City Hall to announce something big. Are you here? @ me your cell phone pics!"

And then another one: "Proud to announce that I'm running for " That was followed by this one: "Thrilled to be with friends for my filing to run for ."

And the tweets just kept coming.

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If you are going to use social networking to improve your electoral chances (which all candidates should) at least use some imagination rather than just being a rampant twitter...er (a twit)? Candidate Phil Ting has build himself a whole Gov 2.0 website to boost his exposure. ..and its not half bad! - www.resetsanfrancisco.org


Haha-there is nothing wrong with 'too much twittering' - communication is a good thing. Rather have a candidate let me know what he is doing then not.

Chiu is going to make a great candidate and get things done for this city. Very excited he is in the race.

h. brown
h. brown

He's toast,

He got 'round heels syndrome' for Willie and Pak who promised to make him mayor (Pak did anyway) and then deserted him at the altar where he was left with Eric Mar as best man and Nicole Derse as maid of honor. Not exactly the wham! pow! combo Willie and Rose bring to any event.

Hope Johnson called Chiu a 'shape-shifter' and it's no surprise for a guy who founded a major political astro-turf company. He's appearing at the LGBT Center tonite and I understand he's going in drag?

Go Giants!


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