David Chiu to Jump in Mayoral Race

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Is he a moderate or a progressive?
As expected, Supervisor David Chiu, the board president who riled progressives when he helped elevate Mayor Ed Lee into his position, says he plans to announce his bid for San Francisco mayor later today.

Chiu -- who considers himself progressive -- has been hinting at a run for mayor since last month when Rose Pak, head of the Chinatown Chamber of Commerce, insisted that he would definitely be a candidate. This presumption was further crystallized when Chiu pulled his name from the list of possible contenders to replace former District Attorney Kamala Harris.

He is expected to announce his intention to run at a press conference outside City Hall today at 11 a.m.
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Chris Daly's campaign slogan

Media outlets report that Chiu has hired Josh Pulliam, a Sacramento-based consultant with extensive experience working with labor unions, as his strategist.

Chiu, who is serving his second term as board president, told reporters that he will focus on policing and job creation the center of his platform.

Chiu, 40, was instrumental in helping to get Mayor Lee appointed as the city's chief executive last month, a move that sent the left-leaning members of the board convulsing with rage.

On his way out, Former Supervisor Chris Daly targeted his anger at Chiu, saying he would haunt him and the moderates at City Hall. He capped off his threat with the now famous Daly remark: "it's on like Donkey Kong."

Chiu's candidacy will no doubt fuel Daly, who has also indicated he might run for mayor.

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Peter Lemons
Peter Lemons

Great news. Love this guy- he's got a great head on his shoulder and is a true leader. He knows how to bring people together and get things done. We need this in SF now more then ever. He's got my vote!

Brian Says
Brian Says

just what we needmore liberal governancecuz just look how well it is working


H Brown continues his drunken diatribes. I remember reading his same old, tired conspiracy theories here:


David Chiu's Democratic and progressive credentials are strong enough for this voter who plans to vote him as the next Mayor of San Francisco.

Go Giants!

h. brown
h. brown

Morning Erin,

Chiu's Grassroots Enterprises got $299,000 in payments from the Republican National Committee during 2003-2004 to help re-elect George Bush. Chiu's co-founder (Matt Fong) gave $50,000 to right-wing homophobe, Lou Sheldon who advocated putting people stricken with AIDS into internment camps.

I was all through this with the Weekly in 2008 during the D-3 race. Read your own archives and surprise us with some original research.

Go Giants!


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