S.F Cop Beaten by Teen Riding Muni

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A kid in the Richmond District with a big temper and a lot of testosterone took his rage out on a local cop last week, knocking him to the ground.

At about 4 p.m., on Thursday cops were alerted to several juveniles who had just gotten into a fist fight at the corner of 17th and Geary Boulevard. Police spotted the teens as they boarded the 38-Geary bus.

The cops followed the group onto the bus, and the young officer boarded through the back door while the sergeant got onto the bus from the front.  The teens tried to get off the bus in the back, but the officer told them they had to wait.

One of the fighting teens, a 17-year-old male, the tried to push past the younger officer and made a fist at her as if he was going to punch her. The sergeant up front saw this and quickly approached from behind, the teen turned around and punched him in the face, knocking him into a group of passengers.

As the bleeding sergeant tried to stand and regain his balance, the teen hit him several more times in the face and body knocking him to the floor of the bus, according to police reports.

The younger cop detained the teen and he was arrested. The badly beat sergeant was taken to San Francisco General Hospital for treatment and remains off-duty to heal.

And as for the raging teen? There is no doubt anger management classes are in his future.

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lol.........i know this kid.a 17 year almost K.O a sergeant. lolyou don't hear that everyday.he's actually a little dude.surprised he actually had the balzz and strength to do what he did.I would say............a 120lbder versus a 180/190lbder. loldefinitely gonna be the laughin stock in the department.


Muni's response: let's make sure we give those kids free Muni passes


I'm ashamed, I'm related to the kid.

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