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It's all about him
SF Weekly readers might recall the ominous meeting last month when former supervisor Chris Daly vowed to haunt the moderates at City Hall. So it should be no surprise that the temperamental barkeep is now talking about resurfacing in San Francisco politics as mayor.

With no other real progressive candidate jumping into the 2012 mayoral race, Daly claims the job might just be ripe for him. The edgy former politico who owns Buck Tavern bar says that running or mayor is not exactly what he wants to do, but the way the candidate pool is shaping up, it appears, as Daly says, he has no other choice.

Someone must represent the anti-Newsoms of San Francisco.

"I'm an interesting candidate in that, if I ran, the whole race would be about me," Daly told reporters.

And that's just how Daly likes it.

Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi had been "seriously" considering a run for both mayor and sheriff. Now that Sheriff Michael Hennessey has decided against running for re-election, Mirkarimi is more likely to jump into the sheriff's race.

And then there are Supervisors John Avalos and David Campos - the two other progressives on the Board of Supervisors (although David Chiu claims he is progressive). Avalos says he is not running but there has been no word from Campos about whether he's entertaining a bid for mayor.

While tending the bar Buck Tavern on Market Street, Daly acknowledges to the The Bay Citizen that his candidacy would rile up moderates into sheer convulsions.

"There are a lot of Daly-haters out there, and they'll go buck wild with their attacks on me and on my small corner of the city here. I don't think that's my first choice of what to do for progressive politics, but the progressives need to have a big-name challenger in this race, and I have the power," he said.

As Daly famously said before leaving office, it's on like Donkey Kong.

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Once again, the progressives are running around in circles, babbling, just like they did in 2007 (when arguably, they had a chance to WIN or at least make Newsom work for a 2nd term). If no progressive steps up soon, once again all the gimmicks (IRV, public financing, etc) will not help a disorganized candidate with no money beat people who take the campaign seriously.

However, Daly would have some name ID at least (good or bad) and he'd make at least a few candidates froth like a rabid dog on crack, enough so that they'd come off as unbalanced, which would help us sort out who's a nut and who isn't.

For fun, here's a piece I ran on my site about Daly running in 2007 and the free for all frak up that was progressives in 2007


Um, shouldn't he be a citizen of San Francisco and not a citizen of Fairfield? Somehow I don't think the courts will allow him to run for Mayor, and even if he did manage to run, he would never win. That might be the best thing to send him home to Fairfield with his tail between is legs.

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