Castro Arson Victims Homeless, Need Money

Donate and drink!
Earlier this week, Supervisor Scott Wiener introduced a bill that would help victims of major disasters find cheap affordable housing and fast. But that won't do anything now for the 10 people who were booted from their homes after a series of suspected arson fires burned their Castro dwellings last week.

What these folks need is money and they need it now. Here's how you can help: Go to the Lookout bar on 16th Street Feb.15 at 7 p.m. and bring your pocketbook. The community is hosting a fundraiser to help the displaced victims "get back on their feet."

You can donate whatever you can at the door, and after you pass through the entrance there will be raffles, with prizes from Home Restaurant, Wayfare Tavern, and Sunday's A Drag at Harry Denton's (always a good way to spend Sunday). 

Last week, four fires started in the Castro district in less than 48 hours, burning two homes and displacing a handful of residents. Investigators believe it to be the work of an arsonist.

The first fire was started at about 5 a.m. last Thursday at 2155 15th St. Shortly after another fire started a few blocks away at 3620 16th St. Soon after that, firefighters were called to a third fire at 17th and Hartford Streets.

The next morning, at about 5 a.m., another fire started outside a home on Collingwood and 18th Streets.

Fire officials continue to investigate the suspected arson fires. But in the meanwhile, help the victims out. After all, they are still your neighbors.

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So, some homeless "deserve" help, and others don't. And that's why America is screwed. Norma Hotaling once explained that once you divide people into "deservng" and "undeserving" of help, that is where the problems begin. Everyone who is homeless for any reason "deserves" the same help. And it really bugs me that people who CHOOSE to breed a child they can't take care of are seen as being "most" deserving,even though it's as irresponsible as it gets when you breed in such an overpopulated world. Well, dearies, all it takes is one disaster and YOU are on the street, and remember, you will get the same mercy you show to others. That;s what you deserve.

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