'Captain Outrageous' Serving Up the Captain Outrageous

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Kelly Nicolaisen
Name a drink after that man, stat!
In what is likely the first instance of a cocktail being named after an SF Weekly cover story headline -- by the subject of the article, no less -- Chris Daly is serving up the "Captain Outrageous" at the Buck Tavern.

It's a drink that's got a little sting in its tail; quaff a few and, suddenly, the central waterfront America's Cup plan Daly blew up doesn't seem quite so objectionable. One patron at Daly's establishment compared its taste to "orange smarties." Here's how you make one:

Take 1.5 ounces of Captain Morgan (natch) spiced Rum. Mix with half an ounce of triple sec, and half a lemon squeezed. It's shaken -- not stirred -- and given a Baccardi 151 floater. Served up with a twist.

While the central waterfront plan would have potentially cost the city $101 million, the Captain Outrageous will only set you back $7, and $6 if it's on special. And, Daly promises, "first one's my treat if you're wearing a captian's hat!"

No hat? You'll pay full price, Admiral Nelson!
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