Dennis Herrera Gets Injunction Against Crime-Ridden Bridge Motel

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No bed bugs allowed anymore
The famously toxic Bridge Motel,  a zit upon the otherwise clear visage of the Marina District, has been Oxycuted.

After years of inaction, City Attorney Dennis Herrera filed a lawsuit in October 2009, claiming the motel's ongoing neglect had blossomed into serious safety and health violations. Herrera followed up, requesting an injunction to immediately address the squalor.

Apparently, Herrera's move had some effect. Jack Song, press secretary with The CA's Office, tells SF Weekly that the Bridge Motel is cleaning up. To be sure, a San Francisco Superior Court judge today approved Herrera's injunction, which puts the motel under court jurisdiction for the next five years. 

The motel must also pay the city $156,000, Song said.

"For too long the Bridge Motel has been a renegade operation -- a public nuisance to the Marina District residents and hotel tenants," Herrera said in a statement. "Today's injunction requires the owners to correct all violations of state and local law."

Last year, SF Weekly detailed the unlivable conditions at the "Motel Hell," where residents were forced to cohabitate with noxious smells, bed bugs, and rats, and generally unsanitary conditions. The residents living at the motel filed a class action lawsuit against the proprietors in 2006, seeking a $1.3 million settlement. Meanwhile, city code enforcers bombarded the motel with warnings and citations, and surrounding residents complained about the dilapidated property.

Nothing was done to correct the offensive dwelling until Herrera took action. Not to say that the motel is now a desirable get-away, but owners have made it -- at the very least -- bearable.

The injunction states that the Bridge Motel must stop all drug sales from happening on site as well as increase security, adding new locks, gates, and cameras.

"Any violation and we will take them to court," Song said.

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Marina Sancho
Marina Sancho

Not everyone in the City should live in the Marina....


Jack Song is press secretary with the City Attorney's Office. Not the District Attorney's office as stated in the article.


Re: "The famously toxic Bridge Motel, a zit upon the otherwise clear visage of the Marina District" ---

Mr. Sherbert : Climb down from your Ivory Tower --- not everyone in the City can afford to live in the Marina sir.

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