Brian Wilson Goes over to Charlie Sheen's House to Play

In the latest of his series of Herculean feats of increasing awesomeness, beloved San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson took himself and his beard on a play date at the Los Angeles digs of actor Charlie Sheen, according to TMZ.

Sheen reportedly flew in Wilson from spring training in Arizona on Friday, along with past baseball greats including Lenny Dykstra and Kenny Lofton, for a private screening of his classic flick, Major League. As if such a confab weren't cool enough, Sheen apparently let his guests try on Babe Ruth's 1927 World Series ring, which he bought at an auction.

This makes sense in more ways than one. The steely-gazed, Yeti-fur-sporting Wilson is reminiscent -- if only with his unorthodox hair style -- of Sheen's character in Major League, the bad-boy pitcher Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn. (Sheen, alas, has been making headlines for real-life bad-boy behavior more recently.)

But there's also a more subtle connection between the two men. Film fans might recall that in the 1999 Spike Jonze film, Being John Malkovich, Sheen played himself -- and was referred to by the film's eponymous star at one point as "Ma-Sheen."

Could it be, in light of this apocryphal connection, that there was another, leather-clad companion watching movies with Sheen and his entourage of baseball stars? You be the judge.

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