BART Considers Cleaner, but Less Comfortable Seats

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You are supposed to sit, not shit on the seat
We all know how utterly disgusting a trip on BART is -- the seats are coated in years of grease and grime and the carpet is as sanitary as a Porta Potti.

But alas, BART trains are nearing the end of their life expectancy, and the transit agency will need to begin replacing 700 cars soon, the Examiner reports today.
With new cars come new seats!

BART officials are already testing out some possibilities, which include everything from less comfortable, but much easier-to-clean seating to vinyl covering that is sure to be sticky in the hotter summer months.
But BART officials tell the Examiner they are at a loss. Believe it or not, picking out seating arrangements that pleases both urban and suburban commuters is no easy task. BART's official "seating lab," which is really just a group of employees, is trying to find the perfect balance of clean, comfort, and spacious seating.

While urban dwellers with short commutes prefer cushy over dirty. Those commuters who are traveling from far-flung communities like Dublin or Hayward just want a seat on the train -- dirty or not.

BART board member Tom Radulovich, tells the Examiner, that he thinks the problem could be solved this way: Stick with the dirty, yet comfortable seats and just do a better job at keeping them clean.

But the problem with that is, obviously, riders don't share the same standard of what is "clean."

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Radulovich can be a real nut. BART's had a 30 year history of nasty seats. Everyone's proposed that we clean them more. The problem is that they're never cleaned - and when they are; someone always makes things nasty again. It's time we switch to vinyl seats. They're used all over the world, and they aren't uncomfortable at all - unless BART messes something up again


i would rather sit on a stainless steel stool than on a bart seat. its truly disgusting.

Adriel Hampton
Adriel Hampton

Radulovich is right. BART is a long-distance commuter system - and as an 11 year daily rider on two of the lines, I can say that the vast majority of the seats are clean and comfortable.


Anything that involves continued maintenance from a government agency is doomed.

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