America's Cup: Chris Daly in His Own Words (VIDEO)

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Rejected headline: Captain Asshole
In this week's cover story, "Captain Outrageous," we explain how Chris Daly's tub-thumping bellicosity blew up a pricey America's Cup deal, saving San Francisco millions.

Daly isn't the easiest guy to talk to, but he's a ready quote. He says what's on his mind and, assuming you're not some sort of family publication hung up on R-rated language, you can actually print what he says. Interviewing Daly at his bar is a bit like watching him in action at the Board of Supervisors: He never sits down, he curses whenever he sees the need, he insults his political foes at regular intervals, and he's besieged by loudmouthed drunks. Now, however, the drunks aren't cut off after two minutes of public speaking. And they must pay.

See below for a video of Daly explaining his take on the America's Cup in what are, very much, his own words.

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h. brown
h. brown

Daly rocks,

His place rocks, which is more important. Keep in mind that he and Peskin were first to come down from the stage at Daly's Roast when C.W. Nevius was attacked by a couple of cowardly A-holes. He runs his place in the same manner. I've sat and bullshitted with people from past heads of the local Republican party to the Mayor's top numbers crunchers all the way to the likes of Marc Salomon ... no problem. People who'd never invite each other to their home turf (be it domicile or work place) interact easily at Daly's Dive.

The de-facto SF Press Club is at 1655 Market.

Chris Daly is the proprietor.

Go Giants!


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