Amber Yust, Transgender Woman Sues DMV Over Bible-Beating Letter

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The DMV gave her hell, she gave it right back
Readers might recall the story of Amber Yust, the 23-year-old transgender woman who received a harassing letter from a DMV clerk after she got her drivers license with her female name on it.

Well, now Yust has officially field a lawsuit against the DMV, seeking compensatory and other damages for the invasion of privacy and emotional distress she says she suffered when she received the personal letter from DMV employee -- Thomas Demartini -- calling her gender change a "very evil decision."

Demartini resigned from the DMV in December while he was on administrative leave as state officials investigated the incident.

The unwelcome letter arrived at her home last October which said, among other things, "The homosexual act is an abomination that leads to hell."

Yust's attorney Chris Dolan, says she is suing because the state refused to pay a claim Yust filed against the DMV.

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This DeMartini fellow sounds like he'd also be right at home at the weekend's 'Koch Bro's' orchestrated astroturf ''scab'stock" anti-union rally in Wis..There's an awful lot of 'his kind of Christian' in the Tea Party (bowel)movement..just an observation...

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