Guardian Accuses Public Defender Jeff Adachi of 'Tea Party' Ties

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Jeff Adachi
We've got to hand it to the Guardian. Just when you think Bruce Brugmann's boys and girls have lost it -- that they don't have a single conspiracy theory worthy of a good belly laugh left in them; that all you can look forward to in the paper's pages are turgid, overlong articles on last week's committee meetings or prods to jury duty (seriously) -- they come through.

Witness the latest piece of glorious Guardian reasoning: Its bizarre assertion that Public Defender Jeff Adachi has links to the Tea Party.

Mind you, the paper doesn't come out and just say it like that. The effort to paint Adachi as a sleeper agent of America's lunatic right is couched in the ever-so-subtle interrogatory mode. To wit, the headline: "Is Adachi's pension reform a Tea Party initiative?"

Uh, no?

The Guardian, an organ of the city's extreme political left whose work was once characterized by New York Times media columnist David Carr as "progressive knitting," has it in for Adachi over his efforts to craft modest legislation to reform public employee pensions in San Francisco. That much is clear.

From there on, however, we lose the thread of this incisive look at the Tea Party's ties to Adachi, who, by the way, is a Democrat, and whose pension-reform campaigning has been funded by other Democrats. The rationale for the accusation is never revealed; in fact, the words "Tea Party" appear only in the Guardian's headline and in Adachi's response to their queries about his anti-pension evilness. We are offered this observation by local union leader Gabriel Haaland:

"The problem is that pension reform has been blowing on the anti-public sector worker winds that are blowing in Wisconsin and other states, whether progressives want to acknowledge it or not," Haaland continued. "There is a reason that Adachi got so much money last year, and the corporate interests behind him are part of this effort to bash public sector workers."

Do you hear that, people? That is the sound of pension reform blowing on the anti-public sector worker winds. It is akin to the sound of one hand clapping. We admit that we ourselves are deaf to this celestial music, but then again, we also don't know how you can keep a straight face while painting San Francisco's public defender as a tea partier.

UPDATE, 6:24 P.M.:
We caught up with Adachi, who says he is similarly puzzled by his new characterization as a tea partier in the Guardian. "If you read the article, it doesn't seem to comport with what they're saying in the title," he says. "What's bizarre about it is that everybody who has supported pension reform [in San Francisco] is a Democrat." The idea of local pension-reform proposals originating with shadowy Tea Party backers, Adachi says, is "giving the Tea Party a lot of credit."

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h. brown
h. brown

Liberal guilt,

I don't think the Guardian has a black reporter. In fact, does the Weekly? When you're an offender in that way ... you tend to bend over backwards to the group you're excluding. And, other minority groups. Thus, Haaland (a female-to-male) transgender can crap in Tim Redmond's plate and Redmond will gobble it up.

Is that too graphic?

Bottom line is that Haaland attacked Adachi (the leading elected Progressive in SF) for preaching fiscal responsibility when he asked for the unions to share 120 million in pain.

Now, Haaland is backing a scheme from billionaire (financier of child labor) to take between 300 and 400 million from Gabriel's rank and file. And?

And? The enemy is still Adachi because Haaland is incapable of admitting he was wrong.

Go Giants!



I love ya, h, but you've got your head up your ass if you're gonna tell me that in a one party town the guys with a billion are not still kings.

The Guardian is right on this but as usual, they express it using the useless language of the rigid progressive dogma of the dogmatic progressive left.

Prop B was a wake up call to labor, labor hit the snooze alarm and has not made the case on how we're going to defuse unorganized working folks' resentment over relatively high labor benefit packages by solving the problem of pension and health security that faces most everyone.

The argument that labor represents the bulwark of the good life falls flat, the currency of liberal guilt long since devalued amongst a struggling unrepresented workforce. People are looking for scapegoats, billionaires are targeting organized labor, and unless labor successfully contests that, we're all fucked.

That does not justify Adachi's shacking up with the local billionaire class. Whatever area of public policy billionaires touch gets worse.

And the SFBG does as much harm as good, we progressives are playing on a team that cannot shoot straight unless aiming at one another and are up against well organized forces who are playing for keeps. There are reasons why the same pension paranoia and debt whining narratives is resonating nationwide, because people with more money than god have the resources to command the debate and they win when the debate is framed in those terms. There are reasons why the pension funds were disinvested and loss money. There are reasons why Wall Street is eying greater resources dedicated to funding public employee pensions.

The connection here is that there would not be a Tea Party if not for the restive libertarian billionaire class and that pension reform is a project of Wall Street that relies on support of a Tea Party stoked on debt paranoia that they are paying for.



The SFBG articles are becoming more and more laughable. In my neighborhood, I don't know why the SFBG has newsracks. The newsracks sit full of unread papers all week until the next issue comes out.


Funny how some "liberals" who point fingers at Wall St. for making mega-bucks while the middle class struggles are totally okay with city hall workers doing the exact same thing.

Hypocrisy is lame.


the guardian is a joke, their article about ed lee was just a rehash of some blog posts. their political coverage is a joke.

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