Twitter Considering Moving Out of San Francisco

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Mayor Ed Lee admits that he doesn't use Twitter, but maybe he is feeling the pressure to start tweeting now.

The social media company is still growing, so much so, that it might dump San Francisco and move its headquarters down south. 

Media reports say that Twitter Inc. needs more space and is looking at moving into the former campus in Brisbane, a city of 3,500.
But losing Twitter would almost certainly slow San Francisco's momentum to become a high-tech hub. Just last year, the city was outpacing San Jose in courting venture capital dollars. 

Jennifer Matz, Lee's economic development director, tells the Chronicle that they are piecing together an incentive package with tax breaks -- anything to get the company to stay here.

As they should. 

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Losing Twitter would be a huge blow, but don't get them any tax incentives. For one thing, it's all a bluff. They would never leave. Have you seen the average Twitter employee? Talk about a tech hipster stereotype. They're the fricken archetypes. They'd rather cut off their left arms than commute to Brisbane.

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