KRON 4 Cameraman Assaulted While Filming People With Bad Behavior

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Call it a self-fulfilling prophecy -- a 25-year-old man assaulted a local reporter because he didn't want to be in the news.

On Jan. 7, Israel Marron Castro, 25, allegedly walked up to Stanley Roberts, a KRON 4 cameraman, shoved his two ski poles in his face, and then hit the video camera lens and broke it, according to police. Castro apparently, didn't want to be caught on camera as Roberts filmed his  People Behaving Badly series, a regular feature that highlights people caught in illegal or compromising behaviors.

Castro cursed Roberts, saying "Are you a fucking cop recording my ass doing illegal shit?"

"He was just going off on the guy," said Officer Albie Esparza. "Whether he was being filmed or not, I don't know."

Roberts called police, who were able to quickly identify Castro because he was still carrying the ski poles he used in the assault. Officers discovered that Castro had outstanding warrants for his arrest. He was handcuffed and put in the back of the police car.

Castro then contorted his body so that his handcuffed wrists were wrapped around the front of his legs, Esparza said. Police had to stop the patrol car and readjust his handcuffs. At that time, Castro tried to get away. More officers were called to the scene to subdue him.

Castro was charged with assault with a deadly weapon, vandalism, battery, and resisting arrest.

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Airdate please!


so glad i moved out of that shit hole neighborhood. the almost-ironc thing is that sit/lie didn't even get a majority vote in upper haight. figures that the problematic behavior happens in the places that tolerate it the most.

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