Scott Wiener Is Too Big For His Desk

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Squeezing In
We noticed that freshman Supervisor Scott Wiener didn't look so comfortable during his first Board of Supervisors meeting, mostly because he wasn't fitting in -- literally.

The 6-foot-7 supervisor will be spending many long hours behind a desk that makes him look like an adult in a child's chair. 

We had to ask him how he plans to manage doing his job in an ergonomically unfriendly environment.
  "It's fine, I'm getting used to it," Wiener said. "Nothing ever quite seems to fit the way it's supposed to -- airplane, a desk or a car."

After all,  how far-fetched is it that an inability to fit into a desk in the Board of Supervisors' chambers would become a massive, expensive, long-lasting municipal problem? Er, don't answer that.

Finally, to answer the enormous question you were all wondering: No, Wiener cannot dunk a basketball.

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