San Francycle: Internerds React to 1st SF Bike Party on Social Media

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​Not to generalize or anything, but gee whiz, there seems to be a lot of overlap between people who like the Internet and people who like bicycles. Is there any other city in the country with so many residents who know how to Tweet and also know how to lube a bike chain? (Okay, yes, Brooklyn, and maybe Portland, but we're still in the top five.)

So it's no surprise that last Friday's inaugural bike party received exhaustive documentation from the social medias. Bike Party got the royal treatment, with pictures, videos, status updates, and lots and lots of tweets.

We've compiled some of our favorites here -- scroll on through for a taste of what it was like out on the road last week. (Frozen-numb toes not included.) Keep an eye out for lovely views, big smiles, and relatively unperturbed motorists.

Also worthy of note: a tiny bit of grumbling over whether it was too unlike Critical Mass, and a tiny bit of disagreement between San Jose Bike Party and San Francisco Bike Party leadership. But only a tiny bit! So small! Of the hundreds who showed up for the ride, you'd have a hard time finding more than a handful who didn't leave happy. And when's the last time you could say that about an event in San Francisco?

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