David Replogle, San Francisco Attorney, Guilty in 'Gay Grifter' Murder

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Replogle's trading his white-shoe financial district law practice for a prison jumpsuit
San Francisco attorney David Repogle was convicted Monday of helping to kill and attempting to loot the assets of a Palm Springs retiree. Also convicted was Miguel Bustamante, a Daly City barkeep purportedly hired to help murder Cliff Lambert, a wealthy retired art dealer. Still awaiting trial are alleged accomplices Danny Garcia, and Kaushal Niroula -- the leader of an alleged con-artist crew who purportedly engineered swindles worth millions of dollars in diverse areas such as fine art and real estate.

Prosecutors say the conspirators forged documents in order to illegally transfer title of Lambert's house, and killed him in order to keep the deed secret.

Replogle once enjoyed local fame as an anti-child abuse crusader, after recruiting underage plaintiffs willing to claim San Francisco financier Thomas White had sex with them. Among the plaintiffs was Garcia, who is expected to face similar murder charges next year.

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Thomas White is a pedophile and deserves to be in jail.  Replogle and Garcia are murders - but that doesn't mean White isn't also guilty of terrible things.  I should know - I have met them all - and they are all scumbags.


May be now Thomas F white will finally get his freedom. He was lucky this chister scamming lawyer didn't take his life. God Bless Mr. Lambert and God Bless Thomas White.

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