What Do Voters Want In an Interim Mayor?

Political pundits and City Hall gadflies have spent the better part of December pontificating about who could -- and should -- serve as the interim mayor.

But when the debate hit a tiresome peak, political consultant Jim Ross took his video camera and hit the streets, asking residents passing by who they think should be taking over Room 200 once Mayor Gavin Newsom is forced to cut the cord.

In his effort to shift the debate away from City Hall, Ross' interview subjects indicate that they don't really care about who the next mayor is as long as he or she stays focused on San Francisco's real problems.

"I don't think there is a clear front-runner," Ross said. "We didn't get a lot of people saying it should be this person or that person, which is interesting."

His unedited interviews are posted on www.nextsfmayor.com. If the handful of voters Ross filmed are indicative of the body politic, the consultant has revealed that voters just want someone who will focus on real issues.

 "While this board is concerned about banning Happy Meals, voters are just concerned about jobs," says Ross.

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Don't forget making sure your mobile phone service continues to suck by passing legislation that will make make it muc harder for wireless carriers to install new antennas. When they're not banning Happy Meals, this Board of Supervisors is busy doing that as well.


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