New Year Brings Us The Same Ol' Gay Hot Potato: Marriage

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Bring In The Gays
Where did we leave off? 

In December, a (sort of) repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell was passed by the Senate and signed by the President. I predicted a long, slow and agonizing death of the policy while John McCain lamented the end of DADT saying that soldiers will lose their legs if gays aren't kicked out of the military.

Fast forward to the present and now Defense Secretary Robert Gates is eager to get the repeal implemented and Sen. John McCain's (R-Arizona) resistance to faggotry in the military seems to be waning.

Maybe I'm being too negative. If John McCain can smile away the blues then I suppose I can too! I'm turning a new leaf in 2011! Resolutions!! The glass is half full, goddamnit!! Exclamation point!

A Message To The Troops
For example, let's look at the latest news regarding Proposition 8 -- California's ban of same-sex marriage. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals justices, who now has to decide whether or not to uphold a lower court decision concluding that Prop. 8 is unconstitutional, is now asking the CA State Supreme Court to help them out.

There is the matter of "standing" to be resolved. The appellants - the Yes on 8 advocates --  might not have the right to defend Prop. 8 because no state government representative is participating. Imperial County wants to be the Prop. 8 lovin' governmental pimp, but the justices told them this week that it will be a cold day in hell before they let them take that role.

So now the Ninth Circuit wants the California Supreme Court to figure it out because they don't know the answer -- although it seems as though they want the appeal to proceed. Maybe they are looking for a scapegoat in this matter; someone to share the blame should Prop. 8 end. It's starting to sound like the Life cereal commercial from the 1970s - "I'm not gonna try it. You try it!"

But there I go being negative again. 

I prefer that the Yes on 8ers be required to defend and explain themselves over and over again in court room after court room as the stakes on their claim grow higher. The more often they try to rationalize their irrationality, the less respectable they appear.

That irrationality will soon get a full airing in Rhode Island where the new governor has called for a quick passage of a marriage equality law. The usual players are lining up on each side of the battle lines.

Stay tuned for another nor'easter.

Leap frog over Massachusetts and you will find a completely different marriage story in New Hampshire. One year after establishing marriage equality in New Hampshire, the new Republican majority in the state legislature is determined to take the right away from gay couples.

I'm trying to be positive. I really am.

For example, California has experienced great LGBT legislative victories in recent years that haven't been threatened and the inclination is to give credit for this success to the big gay rights organization in the state, Equality California.

Unfortunately, EQCA was not successful in defeating Prop. 8 three years ago and the bad taste of that failed campaign still lingers.

Our sister publication, LA Weekly, published a lengthy piece on EQCA this week that exposes some of the unpleasantness that has long been suspected about the largest gay advocacy group in the state. Yes, EQCA has participated in some of the legislative gains in California, but they have also been so focused on self-preservation and self-promotion to a debilitating extent.

Last fall, Marriage Director Mark Solomon left EQCA for a position at another marriage advocacy group. Executive Director of EQCA, Geoff Kors, announced his impending departure. Now contributions are declining and offices are closing.

But isn't that good?  Shouldn't we be relieved that there is less need for a full-time, highly-compensated, LGBT advocacy organization? Is it time for us to hang our "Mission Accomplished" banner here in California?

Maybe that's being too optimistic, but what exactly does EQCA still need to achieve? The sexy streetwalkers for EQCA were occupying every corner along Market and Church Streets last week asking those walking by: "Do you want to protect same-sex marriage?" Hasn't this hot potato already been tossed from EQCA over to the state and federal courts?
I guess I should just sit back and let the Six Figure Sallys in Gay Inc worry about those questions; Maybe I should deactivate my cynicism. There are lighter topics to ponder anyway, like helping James Franco figure out if he is gay.

I'm not sure which dilemma would be easier to resolve.

Patrick Connors is an uppity fag who thinks it would be much more fun to throw a hot potato at the parties that avoid addressing our issues than it would be to fund advocates that get rich and famous while we wait for deliverance.

Follow him on Twitter at @UppityFag and @TheSnitchSF 

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Sarah Miller
Sarah Miller

Government free marriage is the only way to fix this issue. Time to change the argument. Why are we asking the government to control our lives? Why do we want the government to recognize anything? For or against should not be the argument, government free marriage NOW!


McCain needs to remember that not everyone is as impotent as he is.

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