Lucasfilm Must Pay $1.3 Million in Attorney Fees for Discrimination Lawsuit

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Pay Up!
A judge ruled that Lucasfilm Ltd., the Marin-based film company that was found guilty of firing Julie Gilman Veronese for being pregnant, should pay $1.3 million in attorney fees, according Veronese's lawyers.

Angela Alioto, the former city supervisor who is representing Veronese in the case, said Thursday that she was "delighted" by the news, even if it was less than the $1.5 million they had requested.

"It's amazing," Alioto said. "These cases are extremely hard to fight and when you have a George Lucas with seven law firms on the other side, it was an absolutely horrendous year fighting that case."

Veronese filed a lawsuit against Lucasfilm in 2008 after she was fired from her job as a personal assistant when she told her employer she was pregnant. The trial started in June 2010, ending with a jury awarding Veronese$113,000 in damages.

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They are a bunch of greedy pieces of shit who use their political connection to their benefit.  I will be smiling when they screw with a bigger fish who doesn't play by the same rules. Missing person's anyone?

h. brown
h. brown

Congrats to the Queen Bee,

Mess with Angela's family? Not a good idea. She nailed the City a few years back on behalf of the ladies of the Alioto-Lazio Fish Company on the Wharf and won. I note that the Chron is reporting this afternoon that The Cincottas, who own the business have had to close it due to damage the City is causing. Guess what will probably happen next.

go Giants!


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