San Francisco Is Populated with Labradors Looking for a Good Swim Hole

Not the leash today, please
Here is another reason San Francisco shouldn't restrict dogs from roaming on beaches and open space off leash: We love our Labradors and they love to swim and run.

More people in San Francisco own Labrador Retrievers than any other breed, according to the American Kennel Club.  Unlike the French Bulldog, which is the fourth most popular pooch in San Francisco, the lab is sporty, athletic, and loves a good dip in the ocean.

"He needs to get out and rock and roll," said David Roose, a San Francisco dog trainer. "They are athletic -- born to retrieve."

That one possible reason that labs have grown in popularity among San Franciscans -- the free access to beaches and open water, said Sally Stephens, chair of SF Dog, which has more than 800 members.

Right now, the only places where dogs can swim legally are Crissy Field, Fort Funston, and Ocean Beach -- the very spots where the Golden Gate National Recreation Area wants to restrict dogs from running off leash.

"Labs love their water," Stephens said as she was on her way to Fort Funston.

But the GGNRA recently rolled out a proposal to restrict dogs from running around off-leash on certain beaches and other open spaces owned by the federal government. That would leave many bored dogs at home chewing through the walls while their owners are away at work.

"It's the saying  'a tired dog is a happy household,'" Roos said. "There are some dogs you need to give them the wind and let them run down the beach and get dirty."

This probably doesn't apply to the perfectly preened poodle, San Francisco's fifth most popular pooch.

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I saw a couple with a German short-haired pointer walking around in Nob Hill. That's got to be the most irresponsible thing in the world. No idea how they managed to con a breeder into giving them one.

The only lab I'd own in SF would be a mutt. A purebred lab would get obese quickly without a daily rundown. In the burbs, it's much easier to open the back door and let sparky tear about. In Huntington Square, notsomuch.

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