Joe Olivares Hernandez, UCSF Medical Student Beaten to Death, Wanted to be a Family Doctor

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Joe Olivares Hernandez was just four months away from graduating from UCSF medical school when he was beaten to death at Temple Nightclub last weekend.

His sister, Tonia Baca, 39, said her little brother, who the family called Joey, was out with a classmate at Temple Nightclub when he was attacked by an Asian man he didn't know. His sister said he was a religious, nonviolent person, who had never even been in a fight before.

"What we've been told is that he was retreating, he was trying to get away while he was being attacked," his sister said. "It was not a brawl, he was attacked -- he was a completely innocent person."

Hernandez, 30, was a native of Southern California, but moved to San Francisco four years ago to attend medical school. He was truly a selfless person who wanted to be a family doctor, and help low-income and poor families have better access to medical care, Baca said.

This was evidenced by his monthlong stay in Mexico where he worked in a hospital and learned Spanish so that he could better communicate with the immigrant populations back home and help them understand their own medical conditions. After Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, Hernandez traveled there, volunteering to help victims get medical treatment, Baca added.

"Joey not only believed in God, he was God-like," Baca said.

Hernandez, who had a girlfriend, was a hard-working academic who also treasured time with his family. He loved to run and had already completed four marathons, Baca said.

Hernandez was at Temple Nightclub at about 1:20 a.m. on Sunday when he and another man were assaulted. Hernandez was beaten and knocked into a coma. He was declared brain-dead and died on Wednesday.

Twenty minutes after Hernandez was beaten, two more men were stabbed with broken bottles by three Asian men, according to police. The night before, a stabbing occurred at Temple Nightclub.

No arrests have been made.

The City's Entertainment Commission has since ordered the nightclub to double the number of security cameras and to stop selling bottled beer on weekends.

"We want everyone to know how devastating this loss was to us," Baca said. 

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I deeply miss you every day cousin. Me and Jena booger were just talking about our fun memories at your San Bernardino house. That house I keep a vivid picture in my mind always. And your smile and sweet spirit are all around me forever. Love you Cousin Joey!!!!

Sharon Riordan
Sharon Riordan

Why do the promising youth of America even frequent these places. He could have been such an asset to this world, but who is left ?His assailants. They should be removed from society coz they have no place in the world, nothing to offer but violence. Some people just don't contribute to the necessary picture.Shakes head in total disgust.


Some insight to this senseless tragedy. I am very close to the owner of the club Paul Hemming, we have known each other for 17 years and this is what he told me yesterday.THere is video on the secuirty cameras that indicate that this young man who died, had a quick conversation with two woman while enering the main floor of the club.

Seconds after he walked away with his friend, the woman went directly over to the assailant and his friend who within 30 seconds of their conversation, took off after Mr Hernandez, all of this once again captured on video.

He did tell me for legal reasons if the actual fight was caught on videotape but he did say that the woman who instigated this assault had used her credit card only 20 minutes earlier and THE SFPD HAVE HAD THIS INFO 2 DAYS AFTER THIS ASSAULT!!!!!!!!!!!!

So if the SFPD know who this woman is, why have they not tracked down the killer and his friends who were that night?

Paul Hemming (owner of TEMPLE) is incredulous and angry at the pace of the investigation and finds that the invsetigators are complete idiot.

So lets recap. A young mad dies and there is plenty of video and witnesses that can identify this punk -ass gangster wanna-be and a week goes by and there are no arrest. I understand that they need to have a full and complete investigation before trial BUT NOT BEFORE ARRESTING THIS IDIOT OR IDIOTS! Arrest these punks and build your case. BEing a lifelong San Franciscan I am ashamed of our police department. They spend so much time on things that are irrelevant and so little time on criminal behavior.



I have heard the same thing from the nightclub owner. Sounds a little fishy why the police have not tracked down this girl! she obviously started this fight and knows who the killer is. This guy has to be locked away and the key thrown away!get trash like him off the street. He took away a promising life and has to live with thatjust like the victim's family has to live without their son for the rest of theirs.What a man to beat someone to death and now doesn't have the guts to turn himself in? Justice will be served.


This is terrible and a true loss--a senseless and horrific crime. (That no arrests have been made after there were three assaults at the same place within 24 hours is also disgusting. But don't worry SFPD, I'll be sure my wheels are turned next time I park on a hill.)

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