Former SF Photographer's Weird Jerry Brown Photo Book Might Be Reissued

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Remember the early 1990s? For some of us, it meant the advent of gourmet coffee, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and the first and last legitimate appearance of fashionable flannel. For more mature and/or serious minds, it also meant Jerry Brown's 1992 presidential campaign.

The spoils of the Democratic primaries ultimately went to Bill Clinton, but Brown perpetuated his legacy by going on to hold just about every other elected office. The spirit of '92 also appears to have survived in the form of a bizarre old gag photo book, frowned upon by Democratic Party officials at the time, that might be reissued by a school bus driver in Nevada County.

The Bay Area Observer reports that Peter Steiner, the bus driver and a former San Francisco photographer, is thinking about reviving a book he created with journalist Tom Nadeau documenting the 1992 campaign. Titled 1-800-Call Jerry, it's a series of black-and-white photos with joke captions slapped on them that was produced by the Democratic Party.

The humor's kind of dated -- "Hey Linda," Brown is depicted remarking in one of the pictures, "What are these things marked Zig Zag?" -- but hey, so is Jerry. Apparently Nancy Pelosi was so put off by the book back in 1992 that she halted production of it, and only 1,500 copies were printed.

You can check out photos from the book here.

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