Jerry Brown Inauguration -- Top-10 Signs of 'Austerity'

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Gov. Jerry Brown served up some cold words to go along with the hot dogs
Gov. Jerry Brown was yesterday inaugurated in a brief ceremony described as no-frills, Spartan, and, an iteration of the Merriam-Webster word of the past year, "austere."

What were some signs of austerity at Brown's swearing-in?

  • Everyone asked to put away their own seats at the end of the ceremony

  • Hat passed to cover the cost of hot dogs, massive budget deficit

  • Attendees gained entry to the inauguration for free. Everyone was charged $40 to leave.

  • Audience asked to clap if they believed in fiscal solvency

  • Brown announces, in a cost-saving move, he will now be clothed by Aramark

  • Event heated by burning garbage cans

  • Articles of clothing left in coat check impounded

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