Jacob Trette, Mavericks Surfer, on the Mend

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Riding out the wave
Mavericks surfer Jacob Trette took a turn for the better, and is now expected to recover from his surfing accident.

Hospital officials said the 30-year-old is in stable condition after nearly drowning during the Mavericks Surf contest in Half Moon Bay this weekend where waves reached 25 feet high, according to media reports.

Trette, who is from Southern California, was rescued on Saturday by an Australian firefighter who was on his own watercraft shooting pictures, according to media reports.

Trette was taken to Stanford Medical Center, where he was listed in critical condition until today.

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Is it so bad to just say that is guy is a rich kook from OC who thinks he charges? He's lucky to be alive and never should have been out there. C'mon thats fair to say, right?


all this shit about Trette entering the contest? come on guy, that was a small day and you got hammered, there are 50 of us in front of you kook


ahhhhhhh shit, take it back, that was heavy.....glad the guy is ok. best of luck to you jacob

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