George Gascon Is District Attorney

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Shawn Calhoun
George Gascon, who always seemed more comfortable in a suit than his police uniform, has found a novel solution to that problem
Police Chief George Gascon confirmed to SF Weekly moments ago he will be sworn in as District Attorney at 2 p.m. today by Mayor Gavin Newsom.

The chief's name entered the mix late in the game, and after Supervisor David Chiu withdrew from consideration. Had Chiu accepted the position, it would have given Newsom the opportunity to appoint yet another moderate onto the Board of Supervisors.

Gascon -- who has a law degree and, for that matter, ran a car dealership, too -- will be taking over an office mired in scandal and with a reputation for underperformance.

As Newsom fulfills his longtime dream of getting out of local government, he has helped to drastically change the face of it on his way out. It is all but assured that Ed Lee will be unanimously approved by the supes as the next mayor and will be working with second-term Board President Chiu. Gascon is set to be the next DA, and, certainly, the "nationwide search" for his replacement will commence.

Lee, already facing unraveling union contracts, wavering commitments of federal and state dollars, and a hefty deficit, now has one more major task -- vet and hire the next police chief.

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finally someone concerned with enforcing the law and public safety rather than pusuing a social welfare agenda and political self advancement

avalos and campos must be steamedsweet

h. brown
h. brown


Newsom's best appointment since Ben Rosenfield for Controller.

Go get em George!!



Sit/Lie now equals crack down on the homeless and prosecution, persecution. Big time!


Didn't realize that he has a law degree that's from CA that's active.

Lot's of lawyers in his shows would get sick of paying $400 a year so they'd go inactive for a spell.

Maybe the SFPD was paying for his bar dues? Or he was paying out of his own pocket?

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