Food Fight Turns Nasty; Police Called

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Call the cops...
All things being equal, a food fight at a grocery store is a more pleasant call than a rock fight at the quarry or whatever might be flung back and forth at the wastewater treatment plant. But it was the former that drew police to the Safeway on the 4900 block of Mission on Sunday.

A woman took issue with fellow customers' "snide" commentary regarding her "payment method." Our calls to the San Francisco Police Department haven't been returned -- but, barring an attempt to barter or hand over Confederate dollars, it's possible a check may have been involved.

The aggrieved woman turned her ire -- and groceries -- back on her tormentors.
She hurled invective at the crowd, as well as an egg -- which struck another woman on the leg.

The egged woman signed an arrest form. The egg-tosser was then cited for battery and released.

What became of her remaining groceries is uncertain.

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I saw the aftermath of this food fight without knowing what had happened. People were so freaked out I thought it was a real fight or a shoplifter or something. There were like 3 cop cars there. Weird.

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