Female Condom 2 Campaign to Launch in San Francisco for Women and Gay Men

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Just slip it in.
The Female Condom 2 is coming soon to San Francisco to line a vagina -- or anus -- near you. The Department of Public Health will be launching a campaign to promote the use of the Female Condom 2 (known as the FC2 for short) on Valentine's Day.

The city received a $100,000 grant from MAC Cosmetics' AIDS Fund to buy masses of FC2s and create a campaign to promote their use. The reason? The city suffers from a high rate of STDs in women and HIV in men, says Jacqueline McCright, the DPH's director of community-based STD services.

San Francisco joins other grant winners like Chicago, which created the "Put a ring on it" campaign, and Washington, D.C., which put out the "D.C. Doin' It!" campaign last year. 

The FDA approved the FC2 back in 2009, which is apparently a cheaper and quieter version of the previous model. We originally blogged about the city's plans to disseminate the devices last August. But that launch got postponed for the real deal.

As gay blogger Michael Petrelis has pointed out, the female condom works for anal sex as well, yet the AIDS prevention advocates resisted it from the start.

But not anymore. 

"It's a nice option that men and women will have to protect themselves," McCright tells SF Weekly; the campaign will be targeting both.

McCright says her team is meeting on Friday to brainstorm an public service message about the FC2, and how they'll spread them around the city (no pun intended!) to stop STDs.

More details to come ... check back soon.

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I bet gay men can't wait to use a product called "The Female Condom."


The "Female Condom" should be called the "produce bag" because it's about as comfortable as using a plastic Safeway bag.

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