Facebook Page Dedicated to Sending George Gascón Back to Arizona

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"D" is for DA and Democrat
San Francisco liberals aren't going to let an easy target like George Gascón get away.

A legion of anti-Gascón San Franciscans have launched their own Facebook page, "Send George Gascón Back to Arizona," dedicated to rounding up progressive voters to oppose the newly minted district attorney and his conservative views.

With 49 friends and counting, the page, which was founded by a group called the Concerned Citizens of San Francisco, has a perfectly progressive mission statement:

"Now that Gavin 'Nuisance' has left our city let's work on getting rid of his bad choice for police chief and send George Gascón back to Arizona. Or at least find him a decent hair dresser!!!" He's already trying to convince San Francisco that he is politically reformed. Last week, Gascón was caught by the media "quietly" changing his party affiliation from "declined to state" to Democrat.

This was necessary, since Gascón has made it clear he plans to run for a four-year term as district attorney in the fall. Before leaving office last week, Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom abruptly appointed Gascón, much to his surprise, as the new district attorney. Since Gascón has never tried a case, pundits believe  he was chosen to help bridge the ongoing tension between the DA's office and the San Francisco Police Department, where Gascón was the chief for the last year.

But the pick has not settled well with liberal San Francisco, which twice elected Kamala Harris -- a staunch opponent of the death penalty. The day after being selected, Gascón told media outlets he would have no problem seeking the death penalty in cases that warrant it.

You can take the man out of Arizona, but you can't take the Arizona out of the man.

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I don't care about his political affiliations of where he's from as long as he does his job. Unfortunately he seems more interested in cheap theatrics than dealing with crime.

So deport him to Arizona, I say.


This is a great example to show how out of touch SF liberals are. If this is the kind of person that gets you all in a tizzy, then your compass is severely broken. In fact, I'd suggest that you're just left of Stalin. Gascon would be considered very liberal in any other part of America. SF, thanks for continuing to disappoint me.


Stalin?..I wish..'Uncle Joe' would clean our city streets of the 'dirt between people's toes' i.e. escoria that you now see and encounter daily , here in SciFi....Liberal isn't left...Liberal's based entirely upon 'emotionalism' whereas socialist/communist theory ; workable or not , is predicated on a scientific (Marxist) approach to life and problem solving..

h. brown
h. brown

'Danger, Will Robinson!'?

I hate it when my side sinks to the level of the other side when trying to forward the interests of my side against the other side. You know what I mean?

Suggesting Gascon is from Arizona is the kind of half-truth I'd expect in the Chroicle or

Examiner. The guy is from Cuba, for God's sake! His dad was an anti-Castro intellectual (lawyer or doctor or something?).


San Francisco liberals?...Sure it's not San Francisco , Oakland , Richmond , Vallejorapists , muggers , thieves , murderers and other assorted 'thugees' , instead of..?Kamal's sorely missed , already , I see.

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