Ed Lee Says He Was Progressive Long Before The Progressive Faction was Established

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As far as Ed Lee is concerned, he invented progressive politics in San Francisco.

Lee, who was appointed interim mayor Tuesday afternoon, has been pegged as a moderate by the left-leaning members of the Board of Supervisors who had attempted to get their pick, Sheriff Michael Hennessey, appointed mayor.

On the contrary, Lee says.  Lee had the last word Tuesday afternoon, where he ticked off the list of contributions that he has made over the last two decades that have shaped his progressive politics.

"I was progressive before progressive was a political faction in this town," Lee said.

That's right. Lee referred to himself as progressive.

After graduating from Berkeley Law School, Lee went to work for the Asian Law Caucus, fighting for justice. He worked to integrate the San Francisco Fire Department; he fought to protect tenants, and worked to help protect marginalized residents in San Francisco as the director of the Human Rights Commission.

As a city employee, he worked to implement the first whistle-blower program and supported domestic partnership benefits for all city workers. Lee claims he helped establish new goals for the city's nationally recognized recycling program, and he has worked to ensure women and minority business owners are successful.

And now, he is San Francisco's first Asian-American mayor.

"Decades ago, I was as anti-establishment as one can be," Lee said. "Today, I am trying to make the establishment work for all San Franciscans."

If that isn't progressive, then what is?

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so he was a liberal before the word became a dirty one and y'all had to invent a new one to call yourselves


Yeah, because Progressive values don't date back to the 1890's... about 90 years before the San Francisco 'moderates' were too embarrassed to call themselves 'conservatives'...


I'm getting a bit weary of this talk of "who is a progressive " or who is a "moderate." Neither term has any real meaning anymore, nor does anyone really care. People just want honest folks in office who will do what they say. This kind of bs (mostly put out by the so called progressives) is just their feeble attempt to bitch and moan because after 10 years, they're out of power at City Hall.

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