Ed Lee Is Back from Taiwan, Chiu Acting Mayor Starting This Afternoon

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Act 1, Scene 5
​The political hullabaloo that's monopolized City Hall over the last week is finally dissipating. 

After a week that included tense debate, bitter accusations, and bizarre threats that further crystallized San Francisco's political dysfunction, the city can only hope for a breather.

Here's the outlook:

City Administrator Ed Lee is back in town from Taiwan, just in time to be sworn in as interim mayor on Tuesday. And for those who have been waiting for this ... Mayor Gavin Newsom will no longer be mayor as of 1 p.m. Monday when he is scheduled to officially take the oath as lieutenant governor. 

As soon as that happens, David Chiu, who was re-elected Saturday as president of the Board of Supervisors, will serve as acting mayor for the following 24 hours until the new Board of Supervisors appoints Lee as the interim mayor.

And then city leaders can shift their focus onto solving real problems

"Given all the uncertainty and confusion in recent weeks around the transition of leadership, we're all ready to move forward and tackle the challenges facing the city," Chiu told SF Weekly.

That includes finding a new police chief, combating a 10 percent jobless rate, closing a staggering multimillion-dollar budget deficit and bringing pension reform to fruition. 

Welcome back, Mr. Lee.   

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Good luck everybody, not the least of whom I mean the people of San Francisco.

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