No DUI Deaths in City Over Holidays, But Many DUI Arrests

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The saturation of cops busting drunk drivers in the city over the holidays this year has been rivaled only by the saturation of press releases we receive about their latest arrest totals.

The good news today is this was the third consecutive year with no DUI-related fatalities in the city. San Francisco Police and California Highway Patrol officers have thus far made 91 DUI arrests in San Francisco -- with final New Year's weekend numbers coming later today via "another thrilling press release" the effort's spokeswoman tells us (for real).

That's a slight bump from the 86 arrests during the 17-day holiday period last year.

Law enforcement officers set up a New Year's Eve DUI checkpoint for the first time during Dec. 31/Jan. 1 at Eighth and Folsom. "What we didn't want was to export drunk drivers onto the freeways," Jan Ford, the spokeswoman for the "Avoid the 8" anti-drunk driving campaign told SF Weekly. "If you think they're dangerous on city streets, you should see them on freeways."

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That was a "bridge & tunnel" DUI checkpoint (not meant for locals).

In you live in SF, you know that the only way to get a DUI is to run into a police car while drunk driving and then barf on the arresting officer and even then the odds are still only 50/50.

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